Our Services

Construction and Infrastructure Projects :
Multistrand Pre-stressing Jacks various types capacity - 200t, 300t, 420t, 520t, 680t and stroke 100 to 300 mm
Wedge Locking device - 7T13, 12T13, 12T15, 19T13, 19T15, 42T15.
Monostrand Jacks capacity - 20t, 25t, 30t and stroke 200, 300, 750, and 1000 mm.
Bar jacks capacity - 60t,80t, 100t, 120t, 150t, 200t, 300t, 400t, 500t and stroke 50 to 500 mm.
Pile Testing Jacks capacity - 300t, 400t, 500t, 600t, 800t, 1000t, 1500t and stroke upto 300 mm.
Tunneling / box pushing jacks capacity - 100t, 200t, 300t, 400t, 500t and stroke upto 500 mm.
Very low height jacks for grider alignment capacity - 100t, 200t, 300t, 400t, 500t and stroke upto 50 mm.
Hydraulic Jacks, Cylinders / Hollow cylinders upto - 1500t, with Power Packs for erection and launching of griders.
Customized Solutions.

Ship Building - Ship Repair and Offshore Industries :
Jacks, Power packs, Stud Bolt Tensioners and Torque Wrenches for fabrication, erection and launching.
Maintenance of Defence Vessels, Bulk Carriers, Offshore platforms and Barges.

Heavy Engineering, Process Industries and OEMs :
Jacks, cylinders, Stud Bolt tensioners, nut splitters, presses, pumping units, customized solutions for fabrication, erection and maintenance.

Railways :
Jacks, Presses, pullers, torque wrenches, roller bearing extractor, pinion extractors, cartridge taper roller bearing extractor for Diesel & electric locomotives, Carriage and Wagon. Track erection and maintenance jacks. Special purpose machines for maintenance & production.

Cement Industries :
Jacks, pullers, stud bolt tensioners, torque wrenches, workshop presses for erection and maintenance of Klin, Cement Mill, Raw Mill, Coal Mill, Crusher Plant, Packing Plant, Mines Department and Auto garages.

Steel Plants :
Steel mill duty cylinders, Power packs, lubrication systems and customized solutions, jacks, stud bolt tensioners, torque wrenches for Sheet Rolling Mill, Basic Oxygen Furnace, Continuous Casting Plant, Hot strip Mill, Cold Rolling Mill, Blast Furnace, Sinter Plant, Pallet Plant, Raw Materials Handling System, Steel Melting Shop, Coke Oven Plant, Electric Oven Furnace, Power plant.

Research and Defence Establishments :
Jacks, Cylinders, Nut splitters, presses, pullers, hydraulic barriers, test rigs and customized hydraulic equipment.

OEMs :
Steel mill duty large diameter cylinders, power packs, test rigs and customized solutions.

Power Plants :
Jacks, pullers, stud bolt tensioners, torque wrenches, workshop presses and nut splitters for erection and maintenance.