Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

How Hydraulic Cylinder Moves Heavy-Duty Vehicles / Machines

Many construction and manufacturing industries today use hydraulic systems to move their heavy-duty machines and vehicles from one place to another. The system has a prime component referred to as a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder converts fluid pressure energy obtained from hydraulic pumps to mechanical energy.

Features of Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder comes with the following interesting features-
• Possesses precision and accuracy in terms of design, engineering, and construction
• Involves reliability and assures trouble-free performance�
• Honed and machined cylinder tube is available
� • The piston rod comes equipped with a C45 machine combined with hard chrome and ground plates to a maximum layer thickness of 50 microns�
• Possesses phosphor and bronze-based gland bush to ingot grade

Types of Pneumatic Cylinder

Single Acting Cylinder
Single-acting pneumatic cylinder applies piston force in only one direction.

Double Acting Cylinder
Double acting hydraulic cylinder exerts force via the piston in two different directions.

Tandem Hydraulic Cylinder
A tandem hydraulic cylinder contains two different cylinder barrels connected by using a rod linked to the head of a piston in every barrel.

Tandem Hydraulic Cylinder
A tandem hydraulic cylinder contains two different cylinder barrels connected by using a rod linked to the head of a piston in every barrel.

Applications of a Pneumatic Cylinder

A pneumatic orhydraulic cylinder has found applications in the following industries-
• In the aerospace industry as wing flaps and landing gears
• Small sprayers, tractors, loaders, and harvesters
• Automobiles and heavy-duty vehicles
• Trenchers, bulldozers, excavators, and other attachments
• Pave and concrete pump applications
• Work as flow controllers for every watergate
• Manufacturing and production
• Logging and forestry
• Motorway repair and maintenance
• Oil, mining, and gas industries

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